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DIY: Easter Baskets

Easter is just around the corner and we can’t have Easter without baskets of goodies! We love the colors and treats behind Easter. Just because we’re grown up now (or trying to be), we don’t have to miss out on these fun baskets. We don’t know about you, but Easter baskets, egg hunts, and photos with the scary Easter bunny are the epitome of childhood. We’ve scoured Pinterest for the best Easter basket ideas! Here are some super cute ideas for you and your family! Egg-Shaped Easter String Basket So this might not be the easiest Easter basket, but look […]

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DIY Pottery Barn Knock Offs

How many of you love Pottery Barn, but cringe sometimes at the prices? Have no fear, we at TERIMIYAHIRA.COM have found you the best DIY Pottery Barn knock-offs round-up articles in all the land. One of our favorite DIY projects are signs for the home. Whether it be wooden signs like “Dream” or hanging wall art of cute puppies and flowers, once you find the time and get the hang of the process, it’s quite easy and fun. It adds character and flair to the home without having to make a deep investment towards making a hole in the wall […]


Top 3 Tools for Beautiful DIY Graphics

Having a website or blog isn’t just about the words on the page, but making it look visually appealing, too. First impressions really are the most important, especially for a stranger or new site visitor that’s checking you out for the first time on your website, blog or social media accounts. People often make split-second decisions on if they will like your brand or not solely based on how you “look” in the online world. A big problem for online brands and bloggers is creating graphics yourself (I’ve been there and I’m still struggling with this), since outsourcing for graphic […]

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DIY Haircut Tutorial

  WARNING: This video may contain very cringe-worthy scenes of live hair cutting. If you are a hair stylist or beauty professional, sorry! This was a much-requested video for a DIY haircutting tutorial, since I’ve been cutting my hair by myself, in my bathroom, for the last 8 months. It’s a super-simple straight across cut, no layers, no bangs, no asymmetrical angular shaping complicated-ness. Just. Straight. Across. Some common questions: Q: Do you get split ends when you cut your hair yourself? A: I haven’t experienced split ends but you have to make sure your scissors are sharp so that […]