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How to be a #GirlBoss

In honor of Women’s Day, we are going to talk about how to become a girl boss. Any woman can be a girl boss. It’s that woman who is juggling a bunch of things in life like putting out fires, keeping things alive, managing a home, juggling work and home, or battling their demons yet still getting out of bed each and every day is certifiably a girl boss in their own right. Women’s Day and being a #girlboss isn’t about who’s better, who makes more money, who’s skinnier, who has the cleanest home, whose children are more perfect, who […]

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10 Secrets of Happy Friendships

Have you thought about what makes a particular friendship so satisfying and how both of you feel good inside when you think of one another? Friendships are like marriages in some ways without the ceremonial hoopla, jewelry, and physicalities. But, the trust, intimacy, closeness and unconditional nature of it can be similar to being friends with a puppy. Only, that puppy talks to you and is able to bring you wine on the bad days. Friends are Family We Choose Here are the 10 secrets to a happy friendship that may or may not have been inspired by puppies.   […]

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Spending Less on Things & More on Experiences Makes You Happier

Before you keep reading, let us state that there is nothing absolutely wrong with engaging a little retail therapy for when you just need that new palette, shirt, lip balm, or shoes. We aren’t trying to make you live like monks here. Cutting through the righteous bird turd and talking about how we don’t need things to be happy is asinine. We are human and need the things because of the world we live in today. Holding something tangible in our hands just makes us happy. What we want to drive home here is that engaging in buying all the […]