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5 Hacks for Big Goal Attainment

Are you tired of hearing about goal attainment by now? Hopefully, not too much but rather, you feel that we are that team that may not talk to you often, but we are all rooting for you behind the scene to do something great for yourselves this year. Some may think that a life full of unfinished goals may be daunting and full of pressure to achieve all the time. But, a life without any goals whatsoever can be unfulfilling. Some of the best tips below are so simple. The first one is to write things down. You know that […]

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Why Goals Don’t Matter

Let’s get serious about our goals before 2017, but let us tell you that goals don’t matter. You read that correctly. Hang with us for a few minutes and you’ll see why. If you are really serious about setting goals, then you need to know it’s more than just a pretty Rifle Paper planner from Nordstrom, pretty pens, and having all of that look pretty for a picture. Goals are messy, they never go quite as planned, and can bring heartache before you get to taste the fruits of your labor. We’ve been told that achieving goals feels like an […]

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How to Pick the Perfect Business

The biggest sticking point for most new business owners (other than figuring out a company name) is what product to actually sell. Physical product, digital product, service? Online or brick-and-motor store? For women, men, kids, teens, tweens, millennials, mid-life crisis-ers? Amazon, Etsy, eBay? Udemy or Skillshare? There’s a ton of options, no wonder why we really get stuck on this point. It wasn’t until 2 random incidents happened, ironically within a 24 hour span, that changed the course of my own business. I was pow-wowing on the phone with my BFF, as our conversations always end up about business. As […]

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How to Become an Expert at Anything

Our culture loves experts. Look at the YouTubers that make millions of dollars by filming themselves and posting the video to the Internet. Those YouTubers wouldn’t be making millions of dollars if it weren’t for their audience that values and respects their opinions and see them as experts in some sort of capacity. Yet many of those “YouTube gurus” didn’t even graduate college, they’re not prior millionaires, or have any other claim to fame or expertise outside of their YouTube channel. So why are they considered as “experts” or “household names” in their field? It’s because they have a large […]

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1 Book That Will Change Your Life (and Business)

Yes, this is yet another rave for “4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss. If you haven’t read the 4-Hour Workweek, stop whatever other book you’re currently reading and pick up this one instead. It’s that important to your life and business. For those that are unfamiliar with the 4-Hour Workweek (4HWW), the main premise is that most of us simply overwork, and that our work can be condensed into a shorter period of time if we cut out distractions and unimportant tasks, and focus on what matters most. Using the term “4-hours” is unrealistic for most of us (especially bootstrapping entrepreneurs), […]

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How to Get Anything You Want (In Life and Business)

Yikes, it’s so hype-y to say, but there’s really a strategy to get anything you want in life and business. It’s often an overlooked part of our day, yet it’s always the small things that get us, right? You just have to work long and hard for whatever you want. Period. There’s no magic bullet or secret sauce for achieving any goal. Olympians train for 6 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, for 10 years (or longer) before trying for the Olympic games. CEO’s work 7-days a week for 30 years. If I want to have nice hair all […]

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How to 10X Your Productivity, Today

I’m all about productivity and literally squeezing in as much as I humanly can into a single day. I’m a firm believer in taking big and bold action to “take the bull by the horns” in order to achieve a goal, but with action also comes the question, “So how can I actually accomplish all the actions I need to get done?”. Here are 3 simple yet very effective tactics to employ in your daily life so that you, too, can 10X your productivity today. 1-Minute Rule This tactic is great for those of us who can never seem to […]

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Am I Actually Good at Anything?

Sometimes simple doesn’t always mean obvious. Life and business is simple if you know one key thing: your strength. After being at Ryan Moran’s Freedom Fast Lane Live event in Austin, Texas last winter, it was very clear what millionaires and billionaires had in common: Knowing your strength and what you’re good at is the foundation of every business. It’s so cliche to say that we often overlook this concept. Think of it as knowing the skills you are good at, as well as the skills you’re not so good at. Would you be more likely to start a business […]

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4 Easy Ways to Automate Your Instagram

​Instagram automation is a tricky and elusive thing, since Instagram’s Terms of Service (TOS) is very strict with using third-party applications and tools that are not native to Instagram’s own app. However, there are various ways you can help automate your Instagram posting, which becomes crucial when you are a brand that needs to post multiple times a day, everyday, 24/7, on Instagram. Here are 4 ways to automate your Instagram so you’re not glued to your phone all day long. (*Note: The first 2 tips are totally legit and doesn’t violate Instagram’s TOS, while the last 2 tips are […]