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Big Picture, Mindset

Light the Way

This month’s theme is Light the Way. I had to sit on on this theme for a bit because my natural inclination is to think “must write about a dark time where something or someone lit the way”. But, who’s really up for dramatic sad stories anymore these days when the entire world feels pretty dramatic lately. But, then I realized amidst trying to pick a person to lights my way and contemplating about talking about my dog, that it’s not necessarily something else that lights the way, it could simply be you. You can light your own way. And, […]

Big Picture, Mindset

Finding Your Way Out of Rock Bottom

Everyone’s rock bottom is different. For one person, it could be on the hinges of death from an overdose because of addiction or debilitating depression. For another, it could be losing everything important because of their selfish actions. One way or another, rock bottom is a complete feeling of loss of one’s sense of being and purpose for living. The worst cases of rock bottoms have some of the most awe-inspiring stories. We love stories with extreme adversity and knowing the person rose from the ashes. But after feeling that initial inspiration, we usually quickly revert back to our own […]

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How to be a #GirlBoss

In honor of Women’s Day, we are going to talk about how to become a girl boss. Any woman can be a girl boss. It’s that woman who is juggling a bunch of things in life like putting out fires, keeping things alive, managing a home, juggling work and home, or battling their demons yet still getting out of bed each and every day is certifiably a girl boss in their own right. Women’s Day and being a #girlboss isn’t about who’s better, who makes more money, who’s skinnier, who has the cleanest home, whose children are more perfect, who […]