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How to Manage Stress for Moms

Mom stress is something that’s different from non-mom stress in so many ways. It’s constant, it never ends, and it definitely doesn’t end even when your kids are all grown up. How to manage stress for moms seems like something most moms would just laugh at. All those beautiful sounding self-care tips about running a bath and lighting a candle are really meant for women without kids. We, moms, know that within 5 minutes of running that bath, all the kids will want to get in, too. Then, they’ll knock over that candle and light your house on fire or […]

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The Miracle of Adulthood (Go Thank Your Mom)

Stop for a minute. Look around you. Chances are you are surrounded by adult humans. Being an adult is a MIRACLE. You probably think nothing of it. I mean, what is there to notice? We are surrounded by adult human beings every day, right? I used to think that I understood the miracle of life. I work as a nurse and see the power of life every day. I once even got to observe an open heart surgery! If you are wondering where I am going with this, I will tell you. The fact that a human baby can be […]

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Kid’s Valentine’s Day Crafts

Before I had kids, I used to semi-dread and semi-hope for something special on Valentine’s mainly due to societal pressures and norms. But, the reality is that every day, you should be loved and cared for and not just on Feb 14th. Then, when I had kids, my guarded, cold heart became open, vulnerable, and even more sensitive to love than I ever really imagined. It’s a fragile but amazing place to be. The first time my son brought home a handmade Valentine’s craft from school, I thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever gotten. I came home, put […]