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How to Manage Stress for Moms

Mom stress is something that’s different from non-mom stress in so many ways. It’s constant, it never ends, and it definitely doesn’t end even when your kids are all grown up. How to manage stress for moms seems like something most moms would just laugh at. All those beautiful sounding self-care tips about running a bath and lighting a candle are really meant for women without kids. We, moms, know that within 5 minutes of running that bath, all the kids will want to get in, too. Then, they’ll knock over that candle and light your house on fire or […]

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Motherhood Is

Motherhood is. Obviously, this isn’t a complete thought because I’m still in the thick of it. Thus, I don’t know a singular term that fully embodies motherhood. Motherhood is the epitome of signing up for a lifelong commitment. One that lasts way longer than New Year’s resolutions, that juice cleanse where you’re going to gain all the weight back anyway, friendships, marriages, and lipstick. Yet, motherhood can be so many different things like Linda talked about in her recent article. I’ve gathered a teeny tiny bit of knowledge in my very short time as a mother and to me, this […]