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The Miracle of Adulthood (Go Thank Your Mom)

Stop for a minute. Look around you. Chances are you are surrounded by adult humans. Being an adult is a MIRACLE. You probably think nothing of it. I mean, what is there to notice? We are surrounded by adult human beings every day, right? I used to think that I understood the miracle of life. I work as a nurse and see the power of life every day. I once even got to observe an open heart surgery! If you are wondering where I am going with this, I will tell you. The fact that a human baby can be […]

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Mothers and Others

A Mother by any other name would still be a Mother. Mothers come in all shapes, sizes, and disguises. There are many versions of mothers that have nothing to do with giving birth. To make this a bit more convoluted, there are mothers who fit into all the following categories of birth mother, adoptive mother, foster mother, father mother (dads who also act as moms), and lastly, mothers to others. Let me explain a little further. A Birth Mom with the Perfect Scenario This one seems to be a no-brainer but, it’s not. Let’s say you gave birth to your […]