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5 Best Healthy Pie Recipes Ever

Happy Friday which means today we get to talk about dessert! We’ve been seriously obsessed with pies for the last few months and if you’ve been reading our articles lately, then you know we mention pie often. We also know that summer’s approaching and we can’t all gorge on pie every week and expect to be swimsuit ready. Apparently, pies can be delicious and healthy. Here are 5 of the best healthy pie recipes in all the land.   Peanut Butter Pie The recipe incorporates the words clean eating so it must be super healthy. If you are allergic to […]

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Spending Less on Things & More on Experiences Makes You Happier

Before you keep reading, let us state that there is nothing absolutely wrong with engaging a little retail therapy for when you just need that new palette, shirt, lip balm, or shoes. We aren’t trying to make you live like monks here. Cutting through the righteous bird turd and talking about how we don’t need things to be happy is asinine. We are human and need the things because of the world we live in today. Holding something tangible in our hands just makes us happy. What we want to drive home here is that engaging in buying all the […]