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Should You Be a Ghost Writer?

Writing is an art and a past time. If you feel you’re great at it and are looking for ways to monetize on this talent, you might want to consider being a ghostwriter. First, a ghostwriter is someone who writes materials for someone else who is the named author. Second, you’re probably thinking “OMG, excuse me, why would I do this?” Third, I’ve collected some short articles below that outline the pros and cons of this occupation. Depending on your outlook on life, you’ll either soak in all the pros and feel excited about this possibility. Or, you’ll scoff and […]

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The Power of Writing Things Down

When’s the last time you wrote someone a letter, on nice stationary, until your hands cramped? We’re willing to bet not since 7th grade when you passed notes to your best friend between classes with the final sentence being β€œwrite back soon or else!”. Communication since the turn of the dial-up internet has been all about sending quick emails. Then, when cell phone providers started giving everyone free texts, it became about quick texts. Getting a call from someone these days feels more like a threat than a welcomed treat. If calling is almost extinct, then writing with a pen […]