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The Power of Writing Things Down

When’s the last time you wrote someone a letter, on nice stationary, until your hands cramped? We’re willing to bet not since 7th grade when you passed notes to your best friend between classes with the final sentence being “write back soon or else!”.

Communication since the turn of the dial-up internet has been all about sending quick emails. Then, when cell phone providers started giving everyone free texts, it became about quick texts. Getting a call from someone these days feels more like a threat than a welcomed treat. If calling is almost extinct, then writing with a pen is dead.

But, as high-waisted jeans were thought to go out of style at one point, they’re back in fashion. And guess what else is back in fashion? Writing on a piece of paper with any kind of writing utensil. As it turns out, there are some major benefits to writing things down and we’ve found five of the most intriguing articles that tell us why.


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It’s Mind-Clearing

The most obvious yet hard to grasp reason started in this piece here about writing is that it helps you clear your mind. Most young people think that writing things down is for old people who can’t remember things. But, having a mechanism to help you do a “brain dump” lets you get everything that’s bothering you out to make room for more important thoughts.


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No Pop-Up Notifications on Paper

One of the main benefits of writing things on paper is that it removes you from all distractions that are set up on our digital handheld device. You’re able to get your thoughts, feelings, tasks, and dreams out in one coherent stream of consciousness. When you’re able to get it all out on paper in one sitting, don’t you find that you breathe a little easier after?


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All the Bullet Journals

This year is the year to get into Bullet Journaling. It’s a method that’s open to how you want to interpret what you want to keep track of in life. Be it to-do lists, gratitude lists, keeping track of how many hours of sleep you don’t get, or how many times you laugh in a day. Anything goes and the possibilities are endless in how you want to decorate it, too. Check out some free printables we created for you to help you get started!


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You Might Learn More Stuffs

A great article talking about literally writing things down and how it could possibly help you learn better.


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It’s Seriously Just So Good For You

Writing helps you think better, communicate better, learn better, and even understand your emotions faster. While this article talks about the benefits of writing in general, not on actual paper, we can apply them to the same benefits.

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