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Top 5 Face Cleansers for Spring

Spring is a transition season. As the earth shows signs of renewal, it is time to get our skin ready with beautiful aromas and light exfoliation! If only it were so easy. As we all know, Spring weather can be unpredictable. Cleansers are an important step in keeping the skin balanced while avoiding unnecessary breakouts. These five cleansers contain beautiful Spring smells while being lightweight and effective. They will aid in allowing your skin to adjust to the changing temperatures. No matter your budget or skin type there is a cleanser here for you!


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Leahlani Kalima Cleanser

This lightweight powered cleanser might as well be called Spring in a bottle. It is packed with an array of tropical goodness that cleanses, nourish and balance the skin. Honeysuckle, guava, and hibiscus are just a few of the exotic ingredients. The blend of coconut milk and colloidal oatmeal leaves your skin feeling soft while the guava and camu camu brings your skin freshening vitamin C. My favorite way to use this cleanser is to leave it on as a five-minute mini mask to allow all the great ingredients to work their magic.


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Little Barn Apothecary Blue Yarrow + Geranium Cleansing Oil

Based in sunflower oil, this cleanser removes makeup perfectly while still feeling extremely lightweight. It also contains castor oil so it is able to effectively deep clean and freshens the skin. The subtle geranium scent is very soothing at the end of the day.


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The Granola Goat Radiance Cleansing Powder

Add this to your routine if you are looking for an all-star multi-tasker. It is a terrific cleanser, gentle exfoliator, and mask. Its dual nature is perfect to help your skin adjust to temperature changes. Packed with ingredients like oat and quinoa flower, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.


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Osea Ocean Cleanser

This gentle creamy cleanser is silky to touch. The gentle smell of the lime, cypress, juniper and jasmine are refreshing to the senses. Diverse ingredients such as algae extract and lactic acid make it an ideal cleanser for all skin types. I have really enjoyed how it leaves skin clean without feeling stripped.


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Jordan Samuel Pile Cleanser

This is a gel to oil formula cleanser. It delivers the results of an effective oil cleanse with the option to rinse clean with only water. The ingredients are impressive in their diversity and range from green tea extract to comfrey root. Another great product for all skin types, it leaves my dry skin smooth and hydrated. Don’t overlook it for oily skin as it contains willow bark and sugarcane extracts that help keep breakouts in check.

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