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Top 5 Hacks for High Performance

Do you miss being productive, full of creative moments, and energy? Do you feel that you’re not performing to your fullest potential? Or, was there a time in your life you felt like a rock star and want to get back that feeling all over again?

If you are nodding your head to any of these questions, then you’re in luck. As the resident Health Advisor at TERIMIYAHIRA, my Ph.D. in Social-Health Psychology allows me to share my professional research training experience with you. By disseminating sound research findings and the latest medical studies, the true hope of helping someone here is a blessing. There are some simple hacks below backed by science and tested here at TM that may help you get your verve for life back. Be sure to consult your physician/medical professional before embarking on any life-changing hacks.

1. Water
“Water is always on the list and they’re going to tell me to drink 8 cups.” That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? Yes, water is always on the list. However, 8 cups is a general guideline that doesn’t take into account your age, gender, weight, and physical activity level. It might sound outrageous. Who has time to drink water all day? But, tried and tested here at TM, we drank at least 100 oz of water daily and on the 4th day, miracles started happening. We stopped visiting the restroom so often as our bodies adjusted to this influx of hydration. Our fine lines appeared less visible, and plumper. Our lips didn’t need so much balm and felt naturally hydrated. Our skin looked radiant, smoother, and our pores even appeared smaller. We had more long-lasting energy, fewer food cravings throughout the day, and even slept better. The supermodels were correct about water being their beauty secret!

2. Methyl B12
The next line of defense for boosting energy, clearing up the brain fog, and having a zest for life again should be Vitamin B12. This specific form of B12 is better absorbed than other forms like cyanocobalamin and is known to protect nerve tissue and brain cells. A study that was done by Rathod et. al (2015) found that a supplement of B12 taken with omega-3 resulted in higher cognitive performance. Main sources of B12 consist of red meat, beef, salmon, sardines, and milk. Since these foods are not a part of the vegan/vegetarian diet, B12 must be supplemented to avoid anemia. We’ve tried B12 for roughly 3 months now here at TM, and it’s changed our lives. The brain fog is gone, sustained energy throughout the entire day without the “crash”, and better sleep.

3. Sam-E
We used Sam-E to help further supplement our goal of boosting our brain function by improving mental clarity, reduce brain fog, and improve mood. With Sam-E supplementation, we experienced quicker, clearer thinking that led to more efficiency during the day with work and planning. We also felt a difference in dealing with stressful situations in that we were significantly less bothered and better abled to think rationally through them. On the days that we don’t take Sam-E, our nerves feel a bit more tender to the touch of life. Sam-E also aids in liver function and joint mobility (Papakostas et. al, 2010), depressive symptoms (Mischoulon, 2009; Fava, 2010), and has been shown to combat degenerative diseases of the aging brain (Chan & Shea, 2007).

4. The Charge by Brendon Burchard
If there’s one book to reinvigorate your life, it’s The Charge. Brendon Burchard, who is a high-performance coach and trainer for celebrities and world leaders including presidents of countries and Oprah, discusses the 10 human drives that are all within us, waiting to shine through. By following his techniques, easy to implement strategies and journal exercises, you’ll discover true self, your life’s passion, and confidence. If you are on the verge of a change and need an extra boost of reassurance, and a toolset to help you make the big life change that you haven’t accomplished yet, you need to read The Charge.

5. Take a walk, outside.
People who are high performers take breaks and disconnect throughout the entire day, including the superhumans like Fortune 50 CEOs and Olympians. A brisk walk for 30 minutes a day has been found to increase oxygen to the brain, thus increase energy, improves cardiovascular health, and strengthens our immune system (Wen et. al, 2011). If you find yourself stuck on a problem, take a walk, and you might find your solution on an unexpected path.
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Photo Credit: @mybkr

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