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Top 5 Organic At-Home Spa Essentials

Every change in season feels like a good time to soak in a nice bath and unwind. With fall, the days are getting shorter and that can impact our well-being when the nights are that much longer. Our skin and hair also go through some adjustment with the colder and drier season so we have to make sure we properly moisturize and pamper ourselves when we get a chance so we don’t end up like a scarecrow by next spring.

We’ve compiled our all-time favorite at-home spa essentials to help us transition into fall so much easier. Let’s take a look!


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Mr. Bean Organic All Natural Coffee Bean Exfoliating Body Skin Scrub with Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and Sea Salt

The first step of any skincare is to exfoliate to the best of your abilities without rubbing your skin raw. That’s why we love this organic coffee bean scrub because it’s effective, gentle, and the caffeine helps with blood circulation. Getting the blood pumping through your veins a little better helps to improve collagen production and good overall skin health. Think of it as an exercise for your skin!


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Dry/Wet Body Brush

To add an extra oomph to the exfoliation process, we absolutely cannot live without this body brush. It not only makes the exfoliation process significantly easier but also helps circulation going extremely easy. We even use this for dry brushing when we have time in the morning or right before a shower.


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Organic Bath Bombs

While the first step of skincare is to exfoliate, the first step for the perfect at-home spa experience is to fill that tub up with warm water and toss in a bath bomb. We love these organic USA-made bath bombs that smell amazing and seem to last years. We soak our tired and sore muscles in this luxurious treat and then we start exfoliating right before our skin turns into a prune. It’s absolutely divine!


Belle Bar x TM Gentle Rose Cleanser Face Mask & Ultra Moisture Boost Hair Mask

Now, that our skin is soft and silky, and we’re relaxed, we move onto taking care of our skin and hair. We teamed up with Belle Bar to customize our very own face and hair mask. The Gentle Rose Cleanser Face Mask was formulated to address my personal concerns of dryness and breakouts. The face mask is then extra gentle on dry skin yet effective in addressing clogged pores that seem to be the source of breakouts. The Ultra Moisture Boost Hair Mask was also made to address my severely dry hair without weighing it down (perfect for post-summer haircare). Although I have thick hair, it also gets easily weighed down by different conditioners. That said, we apply both and soak for another 45 minutes before rinsing everything off. You will emerge from your bath looking like a unicorn.


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Farm-to-Bottle Organically Grown Wine

Last, but definitely not least as it should have been first on the list, is wine. We love all wine, but this set is particularly amazing because it’s organic and you don’t even have to leave the house to get it. Prime is the best! Anyway, the more we grow up, the more wine and baths seem to go together beautifully. Just try not to drink too much and fall asleep in the bath. There’s nothing worse than waking up in cold water.


All you need now is your favorite candle and you’re all set for an amazing spa experience at home! Let us know your favorite spa essentials and rituals because we promised ourselves we would take more baths this fall!

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