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Top 5 Reasons to Actually Use SPF

To make 5 cases about why we should actually wear SPF in 2017 is funny. To deny that skin cancer is even a thing or that it can actually kill you is comical. Yet, the argument still exists somewhere that sunscreen gives you cancer. If that’s a fact you want to run to the high hills with, then here’s another fact: being born probably gives you cancer, too.

Here are 5 reasons to use SPF, like every day even when it’s cloudy and rainy.

Because You Really Don’t Want Skin Cancer, Ever

The. most. serious. type. of. skin. cancer. There’s also basal cell cancer and squamous cell skin cancer. If the word cancer doesn’t scare you enough, then you can look at pictures here, here, and here. Also, click here to learn the basics about melanoma. A good friend of mine is an oncology nurse and she basically said this about skin cancer: “once you get skin cancer, if they can’t treat it with chemo, then there’s only so much cutting they can do. It’s the worst type of cancer you can get, in my opinion.” If that doesn’t make you shudder, what will? However, the question is then, will SPF totally prevent all skin cancers completely? No, and nothing prevents anything 100% of the time. Staying indoors all the time, you can get cancer just by sitting next to a window because windows don’t filter out the UVA and UVB rays.

Our western culture finds beauty in the sun-kissed beauties and we go to great lengths to get this look. Either sunbathing, sun tanning booths, or fake tanners (all different formulations) because how gross is it to be ghastly white? Thus, using SPF really isn’t “encouraged” because it stands in the way of that sun-kissed beautiful glow. Yet, Eastern cultures, it’s frowned upon to be any shade darker than a piece of paper. White, glistening skin is beauty and status. Thus, SPF and use of whiteners are highly sought after.
Here’s a chart compiled by the CDC of different ethnicities living in the US and you can see the differences in skin cancer rates.


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Prevention of Premature Aging, Wrinkles, Looking Way Older Than You Are

Prevention is key with anything. Treatment is exhausting, expensive, and not always completely successful. We spend a lot of time trying to be cautious of what we eat, what we feed our families, recycle, and just be healthier in general. Yet, we make the argument that chemical SPF gives us cancer so we just don’t use it. The simple fact from the photo above is that not using SPF actually gives you wrinkles and then you have to spend a trillion dollars trying to look young again. By the time you start spending thousands on creams, treatments, and even Botox, you’re racing against time and genetics.


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Fine, Don’t Use Neutrogena SPF 567. But, There ARE Other Options

Ok, chemical SPF goes against everything clean and green probably and it’s possibly worse for you than not using SPF. We can’t convince you to save your life when you can nor are we responsible if you get cancer. However, don’t let this belief stop you from preventing skin cancer, premature aging, and wrinkles if you can right now. There are organic options, physical SPF options, and cleaner-less-chemically options of SPF out there on the market. Any dermatologist and doctor will tell you that SPF isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Find the right one for you and use it every day. 60 years from now, your skin will thank you.


SPF Prevents Me From Getting Vitamin D, Tho

You can eat your way to Vitamin D (salmon, veggies, supplements) and also, here check this out, please to see that SPF doesn’t rob you of your vitamin D stores.


Just to Reiterate: CANCER

There are some cancers we just can’t really prevent no matter what because of their genetic influences (e.g. some types of breast cancer). And yet, just like with some diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, or obesity, there are some we can try to prevent with all our might and we believe skin cancer is one of them. We all know that our skin is our largest organ, it absorbs everything we put on it and even the good and bad energy that surrounds us that we can’t even see. So, what makes us think that our skin wouldn’t be absorbing harmful UVA/UBV rays from the sun? We aren’t saying that the sun causes cancer, but it probably is a good possibility that it does. We understand that beauty is pain, so some of us will forgo SPF to get that sun-kissed glow to live up to the standards of Western beauty. But, who are we trying to impress anyway? Are the people we are trying to impress going to take care of us when/if we get melanoma that spreads to all our organs and pay for our treatment? Probably not.

Bottom line: Please consider the usage of SPF, any SPF, we don’t really care as long as it actually works. Drinking SPF and eating our way to SPF certainly won’t hurt, but hey, what’s all the protection you can get if you could get it? SPF is a personal choice but we urge you to consider using it if you are against it. Better safe than sorry for the long run.

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