Below is a list of the tools we use to currently grow our various brands and businesses. Even if you’re not tech savvy (we’re not!), these programs and software were easy enough for us to learn.

If you ever have tech trouble, the customer support for all of our recommended business tools are first-class and will help you with all your questions in a timely manner. Before we dig in, some notes on our links.

We love to streamline our workflow for efficiency and results, and our businesses would not be booming like they are without the help of the below tools and resources.



We made the switch from GoDaddy to Bluehost for TERIMIYAHIRA.COM a week after we initially launched the site, because Bluehost is faster to load pages for readers as well as faster to upload content to the backend of our website. If you plan to grow your website with more visitors, Bluehost is the best choice for speed and efficiency.

If you click here, Bluehost is doing a special promotion right now of hosting for $3.45/month!



We run our entire sales process through ConvertKit. ConvertKit is the easiest and most functional email list program available. It’s so powerful that we set up all of our sales promotions through ConvertKit, and see a shockingly higher than normal sales conversion rate of 17-40% just through ConvertKit alone (dramatically beating industry standard of 5% sales conversions).

Click here to read our full review of ConvertKit and how we operate our entire sales process using email.



Our cosmetics business TERI MIYAHIRA BEAUTY runs on Shopify for individual product purchases and one-time promotions. Shopify is the most powerful yet easy tool for physical products businesses, because of their stellar customer support, plug in’s and apps, and customization.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial of (no credit card required) to play around with this powerful platform and easily start your online store! Click here to activate your free trial.