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Top Minimalist Green Beauty Makeup Products

Simplicity is something that I feel we’re always chasing in some area of our lives. One area for me is my beauty drawer. Does anyone else become overwhelmed by the amount of makeup they own? Sometimes I stare into my makeup drawers and I just can’t manage to decide what to put on my face. For those mornings, and most mornings honestly, I stick to my tried and true multi-use products! I think a few good products are all you need to create a simple, elegant, everyday makeup look. These are also great to take with you on a trip!



Eyeshadow Primer

My eyelids are quite deep in color compared to the rest of my face. I like to knock back that darkness with just a touch of concealer. It helps to prep the eye area for eyeshadow!

Matte Eyeshadow Palette

When people ask me what I think is an “essential” product to own I always tell them to invest in a matte eyeshadow palette. A good quality, matte eyeshadow palette will take you from day to night and everywhere in between. So, what can your matte eyeshadow palette do for you?


This seems like a no-brainer but a little bit of light shading through the socket can really refine your makeup look!


I always use a powder eyeshadow for my eyeliner. Whether I’m going for a smudgy look or a sharp wing, matte eyeshadows are my weapon of choice.




A lot of my matte eyeshadows function as beautiful contour shades.

Matte Highlight

A light, matte shadow applied to the brow bone or inner corner of the eye will really brighten your makeup look without being too glam. Perfect for conservative workplaces!

High Coverage Concealer

If I’m in a rush, the one product I reach for is a high coverage concealer. I like to dab a little on my nose and cheeks and blend away. This just helps to even out some of my redder areas while keeping the rest of my face bare. Here’s what a good quality, high coverage concealer can do for you!


Most concealers can act as a decent foundation if you apply them sparingly!

Pinpoint Concealing

I am a huge fan of pinpoint concealing. This technique uses a small brush to apply concealer directly to the blemish/dark spot. By doing this, you reduce the amount of product you use and the results look more natural and flawless. Lisa Eldridge has a wonderful video on pinpoint concealing should you be interested in the technique



Everyone should have at least one lipstick. Why not make it a product that can do double duty?


Multi-use Cream Products

These are fantastic if you are on the go. I recommend investing in a good quality multiuse cream product in a flattering shade for your skin tone. Bite Beauty carries an amazing one called the Multistick.


I love multiuse cream products because I don’t have to think about matching my lips to my blush. I know for a fact that it will match because it’s the same product!


You have to be careful here because some cream products for the lips and cheeks are not formulated for the eyes. Bite’s Multistick is completely eye-safe and will provide a gorgeous wash of color. Monochromatic makeup is extremely popular these days. Give it a go!


What products do double duty for you? Let us know your favorites down in the comments!

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