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Top Summer Green Beauty Travel Essentials

The best summer travel essentials are the ones that are multi purpose and won’t get confiscated at the security checkpoint. We want to pack as light as possible, so it’s important to bring products that are an absolute must. We also have to take into consideration our destination, whether it’s tropical humid heat or dry desert heat and if the products will hold their consistency.

We’ve put together the ultimate top 10 summer travel green beauty essentials guide with carefully curated products that we bring on all our travels.

Let’s take a look!


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Maya Chia Supercritical Waterless Wonder Balm

You might wonder why you’d need a balm in broiling temperatures, but you’d surprised at how fast your skin gets dehydrated even when you are sweating buckets. You need this balm for so many reasons that include but are not limited to: melts into your skin and keeps it hydrated without feeling greasy, layer over your nighttime moisturizer for baby soft, supple skin in the morning, smells like what heaven probably smells like, and it’s multi purpose- you can use this everywhere on your body, face to help your makeup glide on smoother, and even rub a little bit between your hands to warm up the product and seal your split ends.


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Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya Infused Shea Butter Polishing & Renewing Body Scrub

What’s better than a body wash that comes in the form of a super travel-friendly jar that cleanses while simultaneously acting as a gentle exfoliator? Puppies. That said, the papaya in this body scrub is a natural, gentle exfoliator which is essential to keep your skin smooth and glowy. Exfoliation during the summer is important to help slough off dead skin and clear your pores of all the sunblock, but it also needs to be gentle enough not to strip the skin of its natural moisture. And bonus points for the tropical coconut and papaya scent.


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Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Since shampoo and conditioner is a really personal product. Not one product stood out for us because I have thick hair that needs different levels of cleansing and conditioning while my team has curly or super straight hair and they might not be as oily. So, with traveling, we recommend going with a dry shampoo because no matter what your hair type is, washing it every day can really dry it out. We love Klorane because it doesn’t leave a white residue for us with dark hair and it doesn’t leave our hair sticky/clumpy. It also leaves our hair actually smelling fresh and looking super voluminous.


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Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette Beauty Glow

We all want to travel with every single eyeshadow and blush we own, but sometimes, there’s one palette that rules them all. We adore this cruelty-free Charlotte Tilbury palette for its packaging, beautiful neutral shades, and it includes her famous bronzer and highlighter for amazing cheekbones. You can complete your entire beauty look with this one palette leaving plenty of room to bring extra lipsticks.


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Nyakio Maracuja & Yangu Face Soothing Oil

One can never moisturize enough during travel. This Nyakio face oil is a must-have because you need to hydrate your skin to combat the heat and dryness (even humidity can be drying), and it keeps our skin supple and comfortable without being greasy at all. We love using this under our moisturizer, mixed into moisturizer directly, and under our Maya Chia waterless balm to really keep the hydration game on point. And the maracuja and yangu ingredients help to soothe overly distressed skin that’s been exposed to the elements and a brutal travel schedule.


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Orenda Illuminating Eye Concentrate

Taking care of our under eyes is seriously important because we want our vacation photos to look amazing. Especially if you’re schlepping around kids and luggage through airports, or if you’re solo on the world’s longest hike. Orenda’s eye concentrate comes in pocket-friendly package with a cooling roller ball tip that dispenses magnificent under eye hydrating oils in the perfect amount. Glide this under your eyes or anywhere you feel a little bloated on your face.


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Zuzu Luxe Metamorphosis Palette

For those of us who feel naked when we only bring one palette with us, this is another favorite travel essential. It includes great colors for eyes and cheeks that lean towards the matte end of finishes. If you love your mattes, this palette is for you. This all-natural palette also has the perfect summer color combinations. It’s small enough to bring with you in addition to Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look where you can mix matte and satin finishes quite easily.


SheaMoisture Tsamma Melon Oil Organic Shea Butter Body Lotion

Summer sun and heat can be rough on your skin. Help ease any bumps and rough spots with SheaMoisture’s Tsamma Melon Oil Body Lotion. Tsamma melon oil is high in vitamin A and linoleic acid which helps soothes skin irritations and helps bring it back to its plump state. It’s also rich in lactic acid which helps to smooth out skin, naturally. This is also a must when wearing shorts and dresses to make your skin glowing.


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Sun Bum Signature Mineral-Based Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 30-50

Last, but absolutely not least, is sunscreen. There’s no reason or rhyme to go roast in the sun without any sun protection. Sun Bum is an amazing mineral-based sunblock that’s hypoallergenic, water resistant for up to 80 minutes, doesn’t sting the eyes, doesn’t leave a white cast, friendly for the families with sensitive skin children, and comes in a super cute sleek bottle. We opt for SPF 50 because we like to be extra safe and want to help prevent premature wrinkles.

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