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Top Tips to Real “Anti-Aging”

I’m here today to talk about anti-aging but the catch is here to remove the “anti” from the entire meaning of the word. The word “anti” leads to a counter-productive mindset. It makes us think we are not good enough. We are no longer attractive. We have nothing to offer. That without our youth, we are “less than” and worst of all, that our best days are behind us.

These thoughts could not be further than the truth and I need everyone to drill this into their head. Aging is a gift. Aging is a privilege. Aging isn’t about what’s happening on the outside, but rather, what’s happened on the inside that’s made us wise, caring, loving, and most importantly, human. Aging is demonstrative of the fact that we have lived life and we are here to tame that beast that all the youngins are furiously trying to figure out.

Our world is no longer full of being invincible or getting all beat up over small things as it was when we were in our 20s or 30s. And you know what, there’s real beauty in knowing that. Knowing that many of us don’t make it the age where we get to see our own grandchildren. Knowing that we’ve mostly figured out the meaning of life and it’s not what you think it is. It’s not even close. What are a few gray hairs and a smidgen of crow’s feet mean in the grand scheme of things? Absolutely nothing. It’s irrelevant.

So, I want to start a revolution today, at this very moment, with all of you. A revolution where we fight the negative weight associated with “anti-aging”. I don’t want anyone to waste time on what’s irrelevant and starting realizing that you’ve got a full life ahead of you, so make every moment count.

Here are my thoughts about going against the anti in anti-aging.



This is one of the greatest marketing tools in the biz. It puts the thought into our consciousness that aging is a bad thing, something to be avoided at all costs. The cost is usually paid with our hard earned dollars. We then buy the idea that product XYZ will make us look or feel “young” or it will “reverse the signs of aging” or ” make time stand still”. You have heard this so many times that it’s become part of the beauty business vernacular. You get exposed to these messages as soon as you’re about 17 years old and then it slowly becomes a mind game of inception where you start believing that you must prevent aging. These messages have permeated in all that we have read, heard, seen, and currently believe.

It puts the thought into our consciousness that aging is a bad thing.


Everyone does this kind of advertising, so what’s so bad about it? The problem is that we come to believe in the myth of “anti-aging” We have bought the magic and drank the kool aid. This belief infects our self-esteem like a virus that lingers until we will do anything to make the pain stop.

The idea is that a face that shows the map of our lives, the belly-busting laughter, the crinkles from a million smiles and all the emotions that our vessel contains is undesirable. We spend our lifetime earning the face we have at 40, 50, 60, etc. We must learn to ignore the chatter and embrace the reality.

The reality is this: if you are not aging, you’re dead!

That is a true, hard fact that no one can dispute. So, I urge you to chew on that little nugget for a while. If you are not aging, then you are dead. It’s a tough pill to swallow but at my age, I’m not here to lie or sugar-coat anything with you if it’s my duty to empower you to think differently. Like I’ve said before, aging is a gift and a privilege and what comes along with that are wrinkles and laugh lines.

At the stroke of midnight, another day is born and you are another day older. This is something you should rejoice in and not take it so hard if you see a gray hair that’s popped up overnight. When we buy into the “anti-aging” message, then we dread the reality of another day on earth. Thus, we are dreading living and if that’s the case, we need to rethink everything we try to do each day.

The idea is that a face that shows the map of our lives, the belly-busting laughter, the crinkles from a million smiles and all the emotions that our vessel contains is undesirable.


Everything might sound a bit depressing and daunting because how do you fight something that’s been ingrained into us for basically our entire lives? I’m here to tell you there’s good news and that there is a multitude of other ways to combat all of this. Here is where the revolution I was talking about earlier needs to begin! Check out the tips I have for you below!

We can remind ourselves every day that we are valuable and vital

We can be a beacon of style and grace for our younger sisters. We can stop the little voices in our own heads and in those of others that say “I’m old. I’m not 30 anymore. I’ve got to get rid of these little lines. It’s all downhill from here” You know those voices, we all do. They get inside and fester, making aging feel like the enemy.

Ask anyone who has looked the grim reaper in the eye if they believe aging is a bad thing! It’s been my experience that the answer is usually a resounding, “Oh, heck no!” Give me another day, another week, another 50 years!” Now you are starting to see my point, aren’t you?

Keep your beautiful brain active

Read, meditate, make a puzzle with a child. Actually, studies show that something as simple as using your non-dominant hand to complete a task can help keep those neurons sharp. Find your creativity and work it! Every child uses their imagination and you did, too.

Remember back to that time of childhood and do something that makes your inner kid smile!
Have you seen the bajillion adult coloring books out there? Go get one or three and a box of lovely crayons and get cracking! Color outside of the lines, on purpose!!

Prepare a Self-care Ritual

For Pete’s sake! Love your body for what it’s been doing for you, you’re whole entire life. Stop the body shaming. Stop the fat comments. Just stop. You only have one beautiful body! My favorite mantra is this: You are a Goddess – You deserve it – You are worth it. Repeat it as often as necessary.

Physical Care

Keep your skin protected and moisturized. Get in the habit of facials, manicures and massages at home or at the salon as your budget allows. Spend time outdoors in nature and really pay attention to all the beauty around you. Get off that cell phone as there’s time for that later. Your responsibilities will await your return.

Stay active and remember to rest when your body tells you to. Feed yourself clean, healthy food. Drink an ocean of spring water. Hit the gym, play a sport or practice yoga.

Mental Care

Replace the anti-aging message with the idea that every day older, is another day to enjoy all that you have built for yourself and your future, your family, and your tomorrow! We can build a happier future for our young ones because they, too, are growing older one day at a time just as we are.

Imagine if our daughters and granddaughters, sisters and friends grow up in a world that appreciates the wisdom of age. Whatever we have lost in elasticity on the outside, we have gained in wisdom in our hearts.

Most importantly, be alert to the “anti-aging” message and laugh at the thought of it. Remember that it’s just a tool to sell you something and make you feel unhappy with yourself.


When you can focus less on aging and more of what aging as brought in your life like true confidence, joy, body confidence, and wisdom, that is the greatest gift of growing older. These are gifts that we need to enjoy for ourselves and ones that we can share with our sisters. I want to start revolutionizing the change with how we perceive aging and I’d love for you to join me.


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