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Top Ways to Use Face Oils For Maximum Results

Scents and fragrances are incredibly powerful, and one of the best ways to bring an element of calm and serenity into your day. They evoke feelings and sensations that have the power to soothe your tired body and relax your racing mind. One of the simplest ways to incorporate scents and fragrances into your day is by the use of face oils in your skincare routine.

I love using face oils as part of my skincare routine, but as much as that is a true statement now, there was once a time when you couldn’t get within a mile of me with anything remotely bearing the word ‘oil’ on it. I had acne-prone skin and thought oil was the enemy. My skincare routine consisted of anything and everything that would dry up my face and provide a matte finish. But I’ve come a long way since those days. I got educated. Oil is no longer the enemy, but the promise of a younger-looking, healthier and more radiant skin. I now fully embrace the physical and psychological benefits of face oils and enjoy using them lots of different ways.

Photo Credit: @dailycatl
Photo Credit: @dailycatl

Wear Alone

After cleansing and toning, add a few drops of face oil in the palms of your hands, warm by rubbing both palms to release the aroma and then gently pat onto the face and neck. If you so desire, you can also use a Jade Roller to massage the oil into the skin for maximum absorption.

Mix With Your Moisturizer

Mix a few drops of oil with your favorite daytime or nighttime moisturizer and gently press into the skin. Cup palms over your face and inhale the heavenly fragrance.

Over The Moisturizer

If you opt to apply the moisturizer and oil separately, I always recommend patting the oil on top (not under) the moisturizer. Oils will penetrate the emollients in your cream, but not vice versa.

Photo Credit: @dailycatl
Photo Credit: @dailycatl

Over Makeup

Add a few drops of your favorite oil to your hands, rub your palms together to release the aroma and then gently pat onto the skin over makeup to refresh your face, without having to reapply makeup, and relax your mind. Perfect mid-day pick me up.

After Shower Treat

Mix a few drops of your favorite face oil with Coconut Oil and apply all over the body after dry brushing and showering. Read more about dry brushing here.

Lip Treatment

Use your favorite oil as a lip treatment after scrubbing. I like to use a lip scrub about twice a week to exfoliate dead skin cells that cause dry patches and prevent lipsticks from applying smoothly. I then like to moisturize my lips using one of the face oils I currently have on rotation in my skincare stash.
Enhance Scents – Warm a few drops of your favorite oil in the palms of your hands and gently pat behind the ears, then layer your perfume on top. This will enhance and accentuate the fragrance and aroma of your perfume.

Add Oil to Any Hair Mask

Add about 5 drops of your favorite oil to any hair mask or conditioner. It’ll work wonders on the scalp and revive lifeless hair, without weighing it down.


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